So me and my brother were discussing this topic. He didn’t know something that was so obvious, that if the thing was tattooed to every part of his body he still wouldn’t know. So here is what I said to him

“Dude, you really didn’t know that. You’re so far behind on that knowledge, that I’m the dude with the really fast motorcycle that knows the obvious, and you’re the one who has to be driven by his grandma to school. She’s going 5 MPH, and she’s screaming ‘We got to get some soup from Burger King!” And you’re saying ‘But Grandma, we’ve been driving for days. I was supposed to be in school 10 days ago!” ‘Nonsense, everyone needs soup in their bodies!” ‘But I’m dying of thirst!” ‘Don’t worry, we’ll be there… She trails off as he starts to pass away, seeing the bright light getting closer and closer…

That’s how far behind he is.



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