Politics in the Lunchroom


I have barely no knowledge of politics. Which you think that’s okay for a kid not to have, but when you’re in a lunchroom and someone brings of the word “Republican,” things start to get hairy.
Like today. When I was having lunch, all of the sudden we start talking about who’s better, Republicans or Democrats. We get that topic from news already, but when it’s being discussed by kids, it gets weird. This kid starts saying how Obama is being blamed with stuff Bush did and all that stuff that I don’t know of. He’s a democrat, so I can’t take his word because then he’ll just get me into being a democrat. And I won’t trust the news, because politics is already screwed up. Politicians in my view are people that will bend the truth to get their own way. So when it comes to me and politics, I basically know squat. So if anyone asks what I think of ObamaCare, I’ll recite this quote from Gone With The Wind.

Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a-

The class bell rang.


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