Skyrim Teaches How Not To Be a Hoarder


Now when our XBOX is on and we’re looting people and attacking Cat/Humans, it doesn’t come to mind that Skyrim can teach stuff to you. But it can. And I’m talking to you Drunk Uncle Dan. You have so much stuff, I’m not surprised you have already suffocated-wait, someone’s calling. Hold on a minute. [What is it. My uncle died? Really! WAHOO! Take that! I’m free! FREE!] Okay, I’m back. So anyway, Skyrim teaches you on how not to be a hoarder. Like when you take all your stuff to on a journey. See how you like it when your Grandma laughing a you because she can outrun you. That goes to show, you can’t take everything on a journey. And you can’t keep everything in your house. So if you have a hoarder (Or drunk uncle) who has a PS3 or XBOX, give them this game. It might change their life.


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