Talking About De Kardashians


We’re here to talk about today is the Kardashians. I was watching a show called Chloe and Lamaar. It’s so STUPID. All it’s about is the life if two really rich yet really dumb people. Of course Chloe is a Kardashian. But she’s so stupid. I mean, she has the IQ of Osama Bin Laden. (Terrorists are $&@#%) She’s like “Oh my god, buying a new house is so hard. I mean, I only have 5,000,000,000 dollars. Wahh! It’s so stupid.
And to me I think it’s also stupid because I feel embarrassed because this is how bad America has gotten to. Rich people are supposed to be smart, not dumb air-heads. They don’t even deserve the money. Hey Congress, can we pass a rule. Don’t do TV shows that make America look like jerks. I mean, I can’t believe people watch this crap. Dear God, bless America, and trash the idiots of this world.


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