Please Don’t Kill Grandma


A few weeks ago, I let my friend play Skyrim. He played the first part, with the dragon somehow not killing him. Then he went over to Riverwood to escape something or something that I can’t remember. Well, instead of causing no suspicion, he does something quite… Displeasing. He went to this elderly lady and well, she was kinda sassy. Well, as she started yapping, saying oh how “Oh, my husband is a pig.” he pulled his sword into a swinging like moment, then the sword came closer and closer until- a clean cut was made. And of course, somehow everyone from Riverwood comes with swords and axes. My friend goes and evades into the river and kills some guards. I’m thinking that,

Why did you have to kill that poor, sweet (Okay, not really), defenseless Grandma.

I mean come on. Then he even killed the children. THE CHILDREN!!! You could have been saving the world by many apocalypses, but instead you hurt children. Poor, defenseless, children. And the one thing that was so wrong about the whole thing about that was… He was hogging the controller.


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