Awesomest Funeral EVAH


I was thinking to myself one day, a normal kid thought,

What would happen after I die.

I mean, of course I’d get a funeral and my body would be buried, but I don’t want everyone crying about it. The pastor always says “We’re here to celebrate the death of Frogger Blogger. I think it would be kinda a bummer if the way we were celebrating was my family crying over my ashes. So here is how I want my funeral to be. I wanna first be buried in the Rangers Stadium. I want To put my family in the dugout to see my funeral take action in the best place of the stadium. Then, I want a batter to bat me to a awesome running back so that he can catch my ashes (Which will be in a baseball) and then put it in a hole where I should be buried. Then afterward, I want everyone to rejoice in my death by super awesome match of my family playing MW3. Because you only die once, and even though death is a sad thing, you have to embrace it, and then have fun again. Just think of it as the Funeral O’ Fun


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