Titanic: 45% Love Story, 50% People Dying, 5% Breasts (Spoiler Alert)



I just saw Titanic A few days ago, and I have mixed feelings about this movie. I think this movie is good enough to blow 2 hours of boredom, but that’s it. But if your showing this to a kid, you might not want to. Now, if you don’t this movie, it’s basically about a poor man and a rich lady hooking up, but the rich lady’s parents and fiancé don’t want him to be together. It’s basically the age old Romeo and Juliet formula. But what’s different is that this takes place on the Titanic. So here’s what I think of it. First thing is this movie isn’t believable. The writing wasn’t that good, so to me it’s the equivalent of watching a soap opera. [Ill, soap operas. The death of TV] Then, there’s the boob scene. I have no idea who rated this movie, but not only did it have 15 minutes of nudity, it pulled a F-Bomb and killed people in the worst ways possible. And then, 10 minutes later it had a “sexual intercourse” scene. It should’ve been rated R. Then when the Titanic starts sinking, Jack is locked in the room arrested for being framed of stealing a priceless necklace. Suddenly, pretty little rich girl goes ninja and rescues Jack by swimming threw the water and breaking his handcuffs with a axe. Really? You just now learned the skills to turn ninja in 5 minutes? Then for some reason, after an hour of water trying to kill them, they still don’t die. I mean, they should of died in the first five minutes of all hell breaking loose, they should’ve died. Then, the fiancé grabs a gun and tries to kill them. And of course they don’t die, because the fiancé has bad aim. How convenient. And back to the sinking part. People were dying in worst ways possible. They were either drowning or falling off the Titanic or even being shot. And I’m just guessing this, but probably most of the time and effort went into sinking part, bacause the people were dying in the worst ways you could think of. But again the couple didn’t die. It was only to the end where the whole Titanic went down and Jack froze to death. (Which of course they made it look as painful as possible) And then the girl gets rescued, even though everyone else is dead. Because a spoiled rotten girl is sure going to survive negative degree weather. And the freeze scene was horrific. You saw people motionless, and one part showed a mom with her baby frozen to death. I was like “Oh, did they really have to show that. I am scarred from that movie.
If you have your own opinion about this movie, put it in the comment section. And remember, this is only my opinion. I am not saying that this is what you should think. So don’t go putting in the comment section “Your such a jerk.” Because it’s my opinion, and then you would be the jerk.


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