A Bad Day For Voodoo


 I love books like these. These wicked, dark comedies that are funny in there own way. Now I don’t see much books like that anymore because now it’s only sci-fi love books. The only book like that that won me over was the Hunger Games. But please, make more books like this.

Now, to me, this book is like Stephan Pastis (Creator of Pearls Before Swine) and Rick Riordan (Creator of the Percy Jackson series) made a dark, bloody (Really bloody), book, and then were 5x more funnier. This guy, who is a three time Bram Stoker Award finalist, basically made his own version of dark comedy. Now, this book is about a kid who makes a voodoo doll of his friend after a accident with voodoo so his friend doesn’t tell the police what happened, and so the two paired up with the friend’s girlfriend spend the whole night in a sketchy neighborhood trying to reverse the voodoo curse (Hey, i rhymed) and getting caught in the weirdest situations possible. And how Jeff Strand writes it makes every page of the book funny, brilliant, and oh so clever humor in there is amazing. When you think that everything is over BAM a zombie comes and toes get cut off. It’s just awesome.

The only thing that is a little iffy in the book is the gore. Now, when you mess with voodoo, it gets bad. And Jeff Strand tells every detail. His writing of what happens when you mess with voodoo will make you feel a little short from gagging, so squeamish people best not read this book. But overall, I love it. This book is 251 pages long, so it’ll last you a while. But it’s so good, you’ll never want to stop reading.



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