Cancer Rays


As I was about to get out of the doctor’s office for a check up on my post pneumonia (Reason for lack of posts recently), they said to be on the safe side and go get a x-ray. As me and my mom as tired as we were, we decided to go get one tomorrow. Now, it came to tomorrow today (Weird use of language) and we went to a place that specializes in x-rays. So, when we were about to get there, my mom said,

“Hey, can you look up on my iPad ‘x-rays and potential dangers.'” 

“Why?” I asked. To me I really didn’t want to know how this stuff harmed me anyway. But than my mom said this: “Because getting too many x-rays can lead to cancer.”


Well, if I’m correct, isn’t cancer the thing that, oh, I don’t know, kills people. And also, aren’t I’m the one that in a few minutes is going to step in that room and get those little radioactive cancer waves put into my small child body. Yes.

Thankfully, they don’t do x-rays that day at the place, so I don’t have to be put through gamma hell. Though that really sucks. I thought x-rays gave you gamma rays that let you turn into the Hulk. Not radioactive waves that make you die. Stupid Marvel. They FOOLED us!


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