Mistakes. We all make them. That’s what makes us human.

Well tell that to your math teacher when you forgot to divide.

And also tell that to a kid you accidentally collided into in the hall

And then tell it to your parents when you accidentally break a dish while washing the dishes.

It seems that even though we know that people make mistakes, the one time that one person makes an actual mistake we’re like: “Why in the world would someone do that?” The answer is because we’re human. We make mistakes. Our mind sometimes just turns off and we go blank. And sometimes people say: “It should be common sense to _________.” But to me, there is no such thing as common sense, because of there was such a thing, we wouldn’t be going to jail and killing people and doing drugs. I mean, we have instincts, but not common sense.
Why do we forget that people make mistakes. Easy. It’s because humans are angry, stressed out hypocrites. Plain and simple. You’re probably thinking, “I’m not a hypocrite. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” But chances are that you’ve called out someone on their mistake. We call out peoples’ mistakes because we’re usually mad. Heck, we sometimes sue people for their mistakes.
But here’s the reason (Or at least the atheist reason) for why we make mistakes. It’s because we’re just tired or for a few seconds unfocused and make an error. Some people will say: “It happens. Don’t worry about it.” and some will say: “You’re stupid.” And we don’t realize what we say will effect them that bad, but after 100 times of being called stupid and dumb, we’ll get kinda depressed.
This sort of thing has happened to me, and it seems every mistake is met with a harsh thing. I just want to say, just because someone makes a mistake, doesn’t mean you should lash out. Because no amount of yelling at the person will make them perfect.


One thought on “Mistakes

  1. Auntie Lily

    It’s easier to believe the negative, when it’s repeated over and over, such as your bad at math or you’re fat. That’s why we all should try to motivate the people around us with positive reinforcement.

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