What I Think About Junior High


I’m going into Junior High in a week, and my friends one true worry is What are people going to think of me? They don’t know where there going to fit in, and if they’re going to be picked on. I used to think about that. What people think of me. But then I thought about it for a minute and I thought Why do I care? I mean, I know I’m never going to be popular. And for me trying to fit in is like trying to get Chuck Norris into a tea party. People are going to make fun of me. But why do I care what they think of me. They’re just some dumbos that rather try to hurt people’s feelings than do their math homework. And guess who’s going to be rich and make NY Times Bestsellers.

This guy. (Hopefully)
So why should I care what people think of me. The only people I care about is my friends and family. The other people can go jump off a cliff.


One thought on “What I Think About Junior High

  1. Hey…my worry isn’t what people think about me! It’s where I will fit in! I really don’t care about those bullies who decide they don’t like me, cause that’s stupid. I just care about keeping good friendships:) but I already have a few:)

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