Book Review: The Secret to Lying (Battling your personal demons)


I found this book in the library one day and it caught my eye. I figured I would buy it since I didn’t have that many books to read. Usually I figure the book is good in the first few chapters. And the book really got into the story the first few chapters, and the author, Todd Mitchell, made things funny enough that I was hooked. So let me tell you what this book is about.
This book is about a 15-year-old James, a kid no one cared about. He was basically invisible to everyone. But then, he is whisked off to the American Science and Mathematics Academy, where no one knows who he is, so he has the ability to lie about himself and make him the coolest kid there. Which is pretty easy, since the school is mostly populated with geeks and nerds anyway. Soon, he’s pranking people, pulling off crazy stunts, and going out with the hot Jessica Keen.
But things start to get weird when James starts to dream about a dark town filled with demons, and the line between reality and fantasy start to cross. And strangely, that fits into the story, being kind of like a symbolism to his life. Battling personal demons.
This book is amazing, and I couldn’t stop reading. The author has a great way of showing how a adolescent’s mind works. And how lying about yourself can have some bad side effects.
This book is good, but pretty mature. I say that because it has some swearing, drug abuse, and sex. I would probably think that it doesn’t belong in a middle school library, but I’m not complaining. This book has a good message in the end, and I couldn’t stop reading.

FroggerBlogger’s Rating- 9.5/10


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