The Coming Apocalypse of Classic Rock


Something that I realized is really freaky, and I thought I might tell you so you people can know. Now, I’m not into “music” such as Kanye West and other rap artists. To me, and this is just my opinion, but it doesn’t sound like music. It just sounds like someone turned up the auto-tune and let someone who really wants to have sex talk about it.

I mean, in the 60s and the 70s, the artists lyrics would mean something. If something was messed up politically, or if something just needed to change. Of course, their was also songs about girls. Their will always be songs about girls. But now, it’s not even about girls. It’s about sex and getting drunk and YOLO. ****ing YOLO. And what I mean about this, is more people are forgetting the ol’ rock and roll and listening to rap. And unfortunately, one day, classic rock will die. And you’re probably saying, “We’ll that’ll never happen. Classic Rock will never die!” Well, do you listen to Frank Sinatra. Do you rock out to Fly Me To The Moon. I didn’t think so. Because when all the artists of the Classic Rock Era die, then what will happen. It’s happened before. Genres of music die. Other genres get created. And old people talk about what they listened to when they were kids. And even though it’s not going to happen to anytime soon, Classic Rock is slowly dying, and the only people who will remember it is me.
The drunk uncle who swears at Thanksgiving and tells lectures children about music.


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