Rumor Has It (That you should shut up)


The most annoying part about being in middle school (Besides the obvious bullying, teasing, and homework) is how when something happens, even if it’s a rumors, is how everyone wants to know what happened.


I hate it when you do something that’s not what everyone else is doing, and everyone is going, why did you do that. And I hate repeating myself. So after the fifth time I say my explanation, I just start saying the excuse that comes to my head. Why did you quit football? “My toe itches.” Is that guy bullying you. “No, he’s helping me with my math.” Who do you like? “Your sister. She’s hothothothothot.”

So if I give a you weird excuse, just know that I’ve been asked a million times that question, and I don’t want to answer it again.

Except the last part. Your sister is really hot.


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