Pedophile VitaminWater


Yesterday, me and my family went to the mall. My mom was going to this Spa there, so she let us roam around. And she gave us the whole, “Don’t talk to strangers” bit. And I gave mom the whole “Shut up there are two cute girls right there in front of us” bit. But we eventually split up and headed to our different stores. The first store that my brother and I went to was Billabong. It’s this sweet surf/skateboard shop that had some cool apparel that my brother liked. Like this:

So we went in. After about fifteen minutes of gawking at the hoodies and headphones, two teenage girls who worked at the shop came over to us. They said “Do you want free VitaminWater.” And we said yes.
Now it occurred to me after we had gotten out drinks that we probably shouldn’t have taken that. We probably broke the biggest rule in the book. “Don’t take anything from strangers.” We’ll, we just took questionable VitaminWater from 18-year-old girls that we didn’t know. For all we knew, they could’ve been pedophiles that poisoned our drink so we’d wake up in a dark alley with just our underwear, if we were that lucky. But today, I feel fine. And I don’t remember a dark alley. All I remember was my VitaminWater was lemon flavored.



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