My Salon Experience


Today, I went with my mom to her salon at Northpark mall. I’ve only been at that place once, and that was only for 10 minutes. Today it was way longer, with weirder results.
My mom was getting her hair done, getting it styled because she’s a reporter for CBS 11 and having a bad hair day is 10 times worse when a the whole city of Dallas can see you. So as she was getting her hair done, she was talking to her stylist Monica. They were talking mostly about me, because according to them I was a good conversation starter. Then all of the sudden, she went “Oohh, I have an idea.” She went over to the back of the salon and got some hair gel. Next thing I knew, she was pulling and styling my hair. And she wasn’t just pulling, it was like she wanted to rip my hair off. You know about the Hunger Games, where in the Capital everybody’s hair looked weird and cool. Well, Monica could’ve been their stylist, because here is how my hair turned out.

Yeah, wasn’t really crazy about the hairdoo. If I had purple hair I would’ve looked like an troll doll. With the help of my mom though, we flattened it and it turned out like this.

It was an improvement. When we got home, I took a shower and washed all the gunk off my hair. And then I was back to my original hair.

Still an improvement.


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