The Gym Floor


The gym floor. A germiphobe’s nightmare. It’s full of people’s… well, I guess that’s the scariest part. I don’t know what’s been on that floor. People could have stepped on dog poop, urine, medical waste, and that could be on the floor, and I wouldn’t know. Such as today, I was doing sit ups, (Feel the burn) and as I was going up, I felt something sticky on my back. What is that? I thought as I pulled it off my shirt. It felt sticky and gooey. And minty? Gross, it’s gum. Someone’s A.B.C. (Already Been Chewed) gum was on my back! I mean, at least put something that’s already been in your mouth into a place that people don’t have to do push ups on. It’s called a trash can. Use it.

So to wrap it up, I detest the gym floor. It’s vile and disgusting. Call me a baby, but I rather do squats in a graveyard then on that floor. You don’t see zombies chewing gun and spitting it on the floor


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