Why I’d Be Ticked Off If The World Ended


So yeah, the world might end in a few weeks. Not the most happiest thought, but it is one. Yep, the big KAPLOOEY!!! might happen in a few weeks. And I really hope it won’t. Because I’ll be really pissed when earthquakes start happening everywhere, volcanoes start sprouting, corpses rising from the dead like some The Walking Dead @#$% is going on. And of all the reasons that I’d be pissed about the apocalypse, here are my main reasons.

Right now, I’m not living the most perfect life. 6 months after my mom and dad had a divorce and they were both going through court orders and stuff like that, my dad dies. Yippee. Now my mom is going through court orders and trials because of him, so yeah, not so good. And as for me, I’m just a normal middle schooler that wants to make a mark on the world but can’t if there is no world. So I’ll be seriously pissed whe nmy mom screams at me saying, “OH MY GOD!!! COME QUICK! THERE IS A VOLCANO IN THE MYERSON’S BACKYARD, YOU’RE BROTHER JUST GOT SWALLOWED UP BY A SINK HOLE, AND DEAD GRANDPA IS COMING THROUGH THE WINDOW!” “But mom,” I’ll say. “Does the apocalypse have to happen while I’m doing my math homework?” “Honey, your dead dog is chasing the cat next door!” “Fine, I’ll come.”

So yeah, world, at lease wait until I have a fufilled life before you go all kabooey and ruin it


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