I feel like crap. That’s basically how you feel when you’re sick. Don’t say “Oh, I feel.” or “I don’t feel so good.” Just say it. “I feel like crap.” Because you really feel like crap. You will see in the dictionary of my mind, that crap means You feel like trash. That your nose is running, you have a sore throat, and-
you have a bad cough.
And you hate the feeling because you know your a burden to your family, and you’re doing nothing except coughing like mad and throwing up in a trash can. And the worst thing is, you can’t get up from your bed. It’s like you’re magnetically tied to your bed, your body struggling to get up, but won’t.
The only real tasks you can do is do your homework, watch TV, read, and do what I’m doing. Blo-
Well, I best be going. Because right now, I feel like I’m going to-


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