What If You Had No Presents Under the Christmas Tree?


Now, if your reading this, you’re probably reading this on Christmas Day. You’ve played with your toys, and now you’re relaxing on the sofa with some warm apple cider and looking at your iPad, reading something interesting. But you know those presents that you unwrapped a few hours ago and played with? What if you never got them, or any other presents? What if you got no presents whatsoever? What if the money that was supposed to be spent on gifts, was actually spent on people who were poor or sick or something else?

Well, even though all of the money would be going to a charitable foundation of some sorts, we’d probably be pissed. Because we need gifts to have a good Christmas. It’s now a tradition. Heck, we get mad even if we don’t like the gift, even though others wished they had your gift.
“Dang it. I wanted Call of Duty Black Ops last year. They already came out with a new one. Well, time to put this in the burn pile.”
So yeah. We need gifts for the holidays. And who would rather get presents then not celebrate Jesus’s birthday. Probably some of us. Because in the end it doesn’t matter why we’re even celebrating this holiday anyway. It’s just knowing that we get that new video game and a batch of cookies.
So if we didn’t get presents for Christmas? We’d be pissed. Because once Christmas was only about praying with your family about Jesus’s birth and spending time with your loved ones, but now about speeding through the aisles with you kids screaming “GET ME THIS!!!” So, even though you have already bought your presents and you’ve already been through the hassle, do one thing. Pray with your family so you can at least remember why you celebrate this holiday in the first place.


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