My New Year’s Resolutions


Hey guys. Sorry I’ve haven’t been writing. I’ve had some sickness, but now I’m back! And I want to declare my New Year resolution. Usually I don’t make resolutions because, let’s be honest, why. It seems the only reason we make resolutions is to try and go into the new year feeling good about yourself, because you made goals thinking you’ll keep. But then a year goes by, and your like What the crap happened. Well, 2013 will be the year! I know it. But the reason I made a resolution now, is it’s easy to go through. So finally, here’s my resolution.

I got this book from Urban Outfitters, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. Basically it’s a book full of 642 prompts. And each day, I’ll try and at least write one. Will I might do more. Yes. May I skip a day. Probably. But, I want to make several goals out of this book. Each time I hit a goal, I’ll raise it. So my first goal is to write 150 things by the end of the year. If I do hit that goal before the year is over, I’ll raise it to 300. Hopefully I can get myself to do more than 400. That would be beast. But yeah, now I don’t feel bad about myself about not making a resolution.


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