School Band Has Just Taught Me To Love TV a Little Bit More.


Now, I’m in my school band. (It’s not nerdy. I swear) I’ve been in it for at least over a year for now. And I’ve learned a lot, like how to bust people’s eardrums, how tuba is a fun word to say, and how to play Just Dance.
But I’ve also learned to actually appreciate the symphony. The orchestra. But most importantly, TV. And how you can tell if a movie is good by the music in the background. Being held at gunpoint is dramatic and all, but it takes the right music to capture the moment.
Sometimes while I’m watching a movie or show, I’ll listen closely to the music to see how it matches the moment. I like a show called 24 because I felt that it had pretty good music. It did really well at capturing the mood of the certain scene. Maybe too good. Because, I’m kinda still crying that Terry tied and I was really invested in the characters and…
“Do you need a minute?”

Well, I just wanted to say, that next time you’re watching a drama on cable or Netflix or the theater, pay more attention to the music. Think about it if there was no music in the scene. Would it still be good without music? Does the music truly capture the mood of the scene? And don’t watch 24.
That show is a emotional thrill ride.


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