When someone decided to be an jerk and…


…steal my lunch! So here’s what happened. As I said in my last blog which you can see HERE, I am in the school band. Every morning I have to come in the band hall and put my instrument in my little cubby. And since they let us have lunch in the band hall, I usually put my lunch in there. So as I was walking into school, I put my lunch down, put my instrument into the cubby, and headed off to my first period class.
Now, when band was finally over, I went over to the dump table (The table where everyone dumps there stuff on) and went to grab my lunch. But when I got there, it wasn’t there. I started to dig through people stuff, looking for it. I searched for it for 10 minutes before giving up. I went back to my friends and complained about it to my friends and begged for some of their food. And I hate having to be the guy who begs for food. It’s like begging on the street for coins. I had to be on the mercy of my friends. So I got some Ritz crackers, Cheetos, a rotten pear slice, some apple slices, and a Pringle.
I thought about it hard today, and here’s what I realized. Not only was someone too lazy to make there own lunch, they were able to steal someone else’s lunch that they made and bought.
So you could say I was ticked off.
But I survived the day, even without a full lunch. So, maybe I’ll learn from my mistakes.
Nah, just kidding. I’m still going to put my lunch in the band hall.


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