Comedic Perfection



Comedy is something you either have early on or something that you have to work hard to develop. It could take years of being laughed at, humiliation, and being known as the kid that no one wants to sit by at lunch.
I am that kid.
When I was 9 or 10, I realized I wanted to make people laugh. So I tried. And failed many times. But I started delving into comedy. I read cartoons by Bill Watterson and Stephan Pastis, read books by Rick Riordan, and watched shows with my dad such as Louis C.K. and The Office every weekend and in the summer. I developed a sense of humor. Just not the kind you see on Disney Channel.
And I used the stuff that I learned from those books and shows. I learned that the pace the joke is really important. You have to time the punch line just right so it works. Also, deadpan is great if you want to show something absurd and horrible with the character showing no reaction. It’s really hilarious. And also say something weird and random that the person isn’t expecting. Tomska, a YouTuber, is the master of random comedy based on his hit videos, asdf movies.
So today, I like to think of myself as a person that is funny, just people don’t know it yet. And I’m not saying that my humor is fully developed. My jokes still fall flat, and I still get ridiculed. But occasionally I make a joke that people actually like, and I think to myself, Maybe, I’m not that big of a loser.
So yeah, I’m slowly getting there. But to do that, I have to master the art of comedy.
By watching a lot of Louis C.K.
That dude is funny as…


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