The “Everything Is NOT going to be okay” Formula.

The Walking Dead by Telltale.

The Walking Dead

     As a kid, I watched a fair sum of movies. And as I look back on those movies, I realized there was always the same formula in those kid movies. And it was that everything worked out alright for the protagonist. Sure, the main character might hit a rough patch in the middle, but they always get it worked out. But when you grow older, that formula gets kind of boring. The ending gets predictable, and the drama doesn’t seem… well… dramatic.  

That’s why games and TV show like The Walking Dead thrive. Because, as you find out, everything isn’t going to be okay for the protagonist. People that you learn to care about die, and when they get in rough patches, people might/will die. It’s unpredictable, and that’s what people enjoy.


      Also, take 24. Probably the best action thriller TV series I’ve ever seen. Each new episode bases the “Everything is not going to be okay.” formula. People start dying, and some crazy stuff happens.

Like rape. 

So, after years of seeing Disney movies where everything works out in the end, I think it’s nice to see some actually @#$% happening. It feels more immersive and dramatic, getting you hooked and wanting more.



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