Church: Just Another Guilt Trip


To me, every time I go to church, I feel worse about myself. It feels like when you go to your Grandma’s house and she won’t stop complaining that you’re too skinny and nags you about everything. Except in this case, Grandma is an all powerful being that can make me from a human being into a toad in a split second.
The pastor says things such as stop living a lie, and don’t let sex and lust consume your life.
So he’s basically talking to every man in the world whose had “those thoughts.”
He also says how corrupted our world is and how Satan controls our world. Like I didn’t know that.


Let's let someone take his lunch money today.

And then I hear that the only thing that will save us is the apocalypse. So the only thing saving us from a world of hell is… well… hell.
And it seems that’s the gist of every day. Sure there’s a little enlightenment, but sometimes it feels like church gets on the negative side. But I think that the end of the service, I find something good at knowing that one day Jesus will take me up to Heaven.


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