My Moral Dillema


There are some times in your life when God throws you in a loop. When he sends you a curve ball involving your morals. And my moral standards were questioned in a Target.
My mom and I were returning something at the store. I was waiting patiently in a line when I spotted it. In an ATM, a single $20 bill was in the slot. I was stunned. I never thought someone would leave money in a ATM machine, let alone that kind of money. I picked it up, and showed my find to my mother. She said I had two options. Option 1) Keep the money to yourself. Option 2) Give it to an employee in case the guy comes back. I was really leaning toward option 1. I bet the guy has already left the store. I thought. He won’t come back for it. But my mom told me what I should to. Option 2. The less profitable option. She kept pressuring me about, practically telling me to. I gave in and handed it to an employee. She said she would log it in case the person would return. My mom said what I did was right, because it wasn’t just some 5 dollar bill from the ground. This was a $20 bill from an Chase ATM. The person was more likely to come back and take it. But I wasn’t having the warm feeling when you do something nice. I was more feeling Dang it! I could have had $20! But the more I thought about it, the more I felt what I did was right. Even if there was a chance that the guy wouldn’t come back, he might’ve still come back. And hopefully did.
Because if he didn’t, that $20 could’ve been mine.


One thought on “My Moral Dillema

  1. Susan

    GOOD going, you did the right thing. I found a really nice cell phone the other day and turned it in, hoping the person would come back and collect it. Good Moral lesson… :-))

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