The Pastor Is A Comedian


So I was at my church’s small group for having some good fun while still learning about the Lord. So my pastor, after we played some games, started his lesson with a blog. And it was about one of the most surprising things I’ve ever heard. It was about an atheist church. Okay, I’m not an atheist or anything, but I know since atheists don’t have to worship anything, they don’t go to church. I mean, the reason for having a church is to go and pray to God with fellow Christians. So what do they do at these churches? Well, for worship songs, they sing pop songs like Katy Perry. So while we’re singing “Lord We Lift Your Name on High” they are singing “California Girls.” Instead of praying to the lord, they gave a moment of silence for the fallen. And for reading Bible verses and learning about the lord, they were learning about naturalism and the laws of physics. So for the conclusion of what I heard off all of this, I’ll say this. That’s. Total. Bull. A reason for a church is to pray to the Lord, not go and learn about String Theory. Why they actually created this church is because they missed the fellowship they had in Christian church, and so someone had an idea to make an atheist church to get that experience back. And the person who leads them is an comedian. A COMEDIAN!!!!! This “church” is like giving the bird to all Christians. And you can actually be ordained there as an atheist. Wow. Here’s the post if you want to learn more about this church. Maybe you think this is the stupidest thing ever. Maybe your okay with it. But to me, this church is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard in a long time.


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