Something To Think About


Hey guys, this is just something to think about, but what if in some random moment…
Everyone in the world died.
Like the apocalypse happened and all your family and friends just ended up dying along with you. And it could be sudden, or you find out in a news broadcast. The anchorman would say that there is a week left until we all go BOOM! You’d be with your family, just together before the world would cease to exist.
I bring this topic up because when I was young I found this out. I was 8.
I didn’t really take it that good.
I don’t know when I was taught this or how. All I know is that my Nana and Dad thought it was a good idea to tell little Tommy that one day everyone he loved would all die! Including himself. So imagine, a 8 year old boy going trying to process what grown men feel uneasy thinking about. I have cried and spent the whole night thinking about that one day I would die. And it hasn’t helped with all the news about people trying to predict when Doomsday will happen. And why do they even want to find out when that will happen. I rather have the bliss of ignorance than the knowledge of the exact day that it would happen.
Since then I have thought about it. But I bring it up now because of a dream I had a few weeks ago about the apocalypse. I have seen a lot of movies and TV shows about “The End,” so I kind of had an idea what would happen. And I didn’t just dream just some random blurry stuff. This was a very vivid dream. I couldn’t even believe I had such a great imagination to dream this stuff up. So this is how the dream went.
It was basically how everyone found out that we were going to crash into the sun, and people were getting ready for the doom. Our neighborhood came to a park to “embrace” the apocalypse, like it was some sort of good thing. Well, I guess it is because I’m a Christian and the apocalypse means that there will be an even cooler heaven on Earth. So then my dream ends with us getting swallowed by the sun and a view in space of Earth being obliterated.
And all of it came out of a teenager that plays Call of Duty until midnight and watches 30 Rock. I guess finally all my fear of “The End” finally came into a dream.
So thank you Nana and Dad for teaching me such wonderful things.


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