The Shoes


Being a stereotypical 21st Century teenager, my brother and I decided to go to the mall today. Usually what we do at the mall is get a coffee at Starbucks, listen to the pianist there, and go from shop to shop looking at stuff we can never afford. So, one of the first stores that we went into was Foot Locker.

It’s weird, but at our school, the real only piece of clothing we care about is shoes. It’s weird, because it’s one of the smallest pieces of clothing and the only time you ever see shoes is when you look down at the person. But our school loves shoes. So we spend a ridiculous amount of money on them. One kid spent a total of $140 on a new pair of Nike Freeruns. That’s a little excessive. 

So back to Foot Locker. My brother and I were looking at the shoes when I saw these.ImageTo me, the colors look oddly placed. Like someone was high when the made these shoes, and decided them to make it look like neon puke. The colors look absolutely out of place and ridiculous.

Which is why I need them.

Even though those shoes look like a Unicorn decided to go to try McDonald’s Fish McBites, I was pulled to them. Like a tractor beam had caught me, and I was being pulled into the mothership. I don’t know why I liked them. Was it because the odd colors make it look unique. Or is it because I have the weirdest taste in shoes. I didn’t know. All I knew is I  needed them.

Unfortunately, I didn’t leave the store with any new kicks. My mom wasn’t at the store, and once she saw the $100 price tag, she’d probably give me the “kids-these-days-spend-too-much-money-on-shoes” lecture. and that’s what I need from my mom.

Another lecture.


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