An Open Letter to Broke Gamers


Dear Gamers on a Budget,
Like you, I am not rich. Saying that, apparently people who make video games think we are. In the old days that my dad used to speak of, games costed $5 at best. Well maybe, I don’t actually know. All I know is it’s cheaper than what video games are selling these days. A new CoD game costs $60. $60! In the times we live in, that costs a lot for just a disc that let’s you shoot people. Now for some people, they’ll pay the price for their Halo 15’s and their Call of Duty 28’s, but for other’s, they can’t. Timed are tough, and to some people spending $60 on a game will mean none left for their Ramen Noodles money. They can’t afford it. Their only option is to wait a year, if they’re lucky, for it to become half price, but by then Battlefield 42 is out and they’ll feel sad because they can only get Battlefield 41.
But now, there is something beautiful. And it’s called Humble Bundle. If you don’t know what it is, then you’re going to be so happy when I tell you. It’s a wonderful website where you can awesome games such as Mark of the Ninja, Limbo, Fez, and much more. Each Bundle comes with 4-9 awesome games. And how much does it cost, you ask. We’ll this is the great part. However much you want to pay. You can pay from $1-$1000 on these games. Any amount you choose. Now you’re probably wondering, what’s the catch? Is there some hidden fee or is it going to send me spam emails. Nope and nope. No hidden fee. No spam. It’s wonderful. And you probably think that’s it. How can it get any better? We’ll it can, because some or your money goes to charity.
And your mind just exploded.
How it works is you tell it how much you want to pay, then let’s you split up the money on how much you want to give to the developers, the charities, and the tip for Humble Bundle. It goes to charities like Child’s Play that help kids in hospital and other stuff like that.
So to recap, you can spend as much as you like on 4-9 games, and your money goes to charity. What are you waiting for. GET HUMBLE BUNDLE NOW!


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