YouTube Suicide


Youtube does a lot of things right. It streams billions of videos right to your phone. It lets users create there own channel to post their own content. It lets people express themselves freely.

It also loves to be stupid and make everyone miserable.

Now what they have done now is probably the worst thing they have ever done. Worse than Google+ integration. Worse than their new comment system. Worse than the new layout. This dramatically changes YouTube if they don’t stop it. So if you know anything about YouTube, you know that people make money off of their videos. People like Tobuscus, Pewdiepie, and Philip DeFranco make their learning creating content for YouTube. Another thing you might know is that YouTube’s majority is game videos. People have gotten famous for just posting videos of them playing games. Pewdiepie has around 16 million subscribers and that is all he does. He makes his living doing that. He makes so much money doing that…

Well YouTube decided to change that.

If you post any sort of Let’s Play or gaming video, YouTube will send you an email now, stating that basically you can’t make money of it now because your video goes against the copyright laws you agreed to when you said yes to the Terms an Conditions. And so that is a thing. No matter what game, or even if the liability agreement of the game said you could use the game in a Let’s Play, YouTube’s like “lol, nope.” and says you can’t monetize your video. So if you can’t monetize your video, you can’t make money, which means for people that  post gaming videos on YouTube and have made it their source of primary income…

Yeah, they might be in a bit of a pickle.

So now Pewdiepie and the rest of the gaming people of Youtube are now without a job unless YouTube would like to change their Terms and Conditions. Because it’s hurting them too. YouTube’s majority is gamers that watch Let’s Plays. That is why Pewdiepie is so popular. If people can’t make money playing video games, then they’re going to stop making videos frequently, or at all. And that means that people are going to stop watching YouTube and go to a site where they can watch Let’s Plays. So YouTube loses a lot of their viewers. And that’s not good for YouTube. So what YouTube should do is to change it back to how it was, because this isn’t helping anyone. And I think that YouTube is just one more stupid decision away from killing itself.

To see the video I also made about this, click HERE


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