Waking up at 6:00 AM let’s me see the beauty of the sun dawning on a new day, greeted by birds chirping.


Then I realize I have woken up at 6:00AM and scream “DIE BIRDS DIE! GO AWAY SUN NO ONE LIKES YOU!”


2 thoughts on “Waking up at 6:00 AM let’s me see the beauty of the sun dawning on a new day, greeted by birds chirping.

  1. Traditionally, birds chirp at sunrise to warn you that the enemy usually attacks at dawn. (I’m saying that as a fiction author, though, so no need to get a life-long anxiety attack 😛 ) Here’s a little scene from my sci-fi book This Moonless Sky that comments on this little-known relationship between chirping and deadly warriors.

    “I have to say, it felt odd waiting beside a chlorinated, Olympic sized indoor swimming pool for an invasion force coming with swords and poisoned arrows. It beat mortars and rocket launchers, I grant you. But those arrows could sure kill someone. …

    Nothing happened. I waited, crouched in a shrub by the wall of the pool building. Time passed very slowly. Swallows twittered around, and many kinds of forest birds sang their morning songs. It was one of the jarring aspects of creation that attacks so often came in the bird-glory of dawn, heralded by warblers and honey-eaters. Even a hummingbird or two flitted by.

    Then Deiyah came through on the cellphone. “I’ve got a whole line of them coming through the
    forest. They seem to be avoiding the lane – too open. They’ll charge from the tree line.”

    … I felt my breathing speed up. Adrenaline was sizzling like bacon fat on the frying pan. Everything changed.

    And then I saw them. They came out of the forest as if they were the tines of a single comb combing out through the trees… There were plenty of archers there, and most of them had their bows in hand … “

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