Giving Up Social Media


For Lent, I’m giving up Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. It’s going to be a rough 46 days for me (Or however long Lent is). I talk about it in my video, where I also talk about someone stealing my SIM card from my phone (jerk), and a new song called #Selfie that I heard on the radio that was so horrible my ear buds wanted to die. Some may say it was #horrible.
You know what. Just watch the dang vid.


One thought on “Giving Up Social Media

  1. Wow, that’s more than just giving up something for Lent. That’s practically the whole Easter story – torture of signing off Twitter, flagellation of signing off Instagram, picking up the whole burden of your real life on your shoulders, staggering up the Via Dolorosa of exams, darkness of impending social media death, final thoughts of ‘forgive them Father for they know not what they do out there in the trollosphere,’ and, surprise! resurrection. Retwittification. Complete ReTweet. Instantaneous Instagram. The croaking of Blogs. And bla bla bla.

    About your SIM card, my theory is the person is planning to build a detonator. It’s probably in Yemen being cackled over even as we speak. If you’re lucky, it will get entangled in one of those long black beards and be lost before it can be used for mischief.


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