I Got An Award! (I think)


So apparently I’ve been nominated for a Liebster award. Yay (I think). I would first like to thank Poohloversunite for nominating me. That’s pretty cool. I’ve never really won an award for my writing.

So apparently there are rules, them being:

  •      Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
  • Answer 10 questions that were given to you by your nominee
  • Create 10 questions of your own
  • Nominate 10 of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.

The questions…

Pooh or Tigger? (this is an obvious no brainer that no one could EVER POSSIBLY GET WRONG)
Pooh or Piglet? (okay…this one’s harder…BUT I BELIEVE IN YOU)
Pooh or Rabbit (…don’t. even.)
POOH OR KANGA?? (okay, I’m done)

The last time I watched Winnie the Pooh I was like five. But EEROR ALL THE WAY MAN! (If that’s even how you spell his name)

If you had to pick being a youtube star or getting a million dollar check from some old rich grandpa you never knew existed, which would you pick, and why? (this is obviously my definition of serious)

Considering I’ve already seen my favorite YouTuber’s at Vidcon last year, I would take the million bucks.

 What was your favorite childhood toy?

A spider man action figure.

     WHO IS YOUR MOST ANNOYING SIBLING (and the most annoying thing they’ve done recently)?

     My brother is my most annoying sibling by default because he’s my ONLY sibling. And plus he can be annoying.

What is your absolute most favorite number? (NOT YOUR LUCKY NUMBER, your favorite number)


Who’s blogger page do you most enjoy looking at? (*ahem* *charming smile*)

My own. (And you can’t get me with your “charming smile”)

     If you traveled to the future, what would be the FIRST thing you’d want to see?

If Call of Duty 587 has come out yet.

Now my questions

  1. Who is your favorite YouTuber
  2. Who is your favorite blogger
  3. What is your dream vacation
  4. Do you like trains
  5. Why do you think you deserve this award
  6. What blog post are you most proud of
  7. What do you aspire to be
  8. Do you think these questions are a waste of time.
  9. What would rather do, spend the day inside or go out to a party
  10. Why is this a thing.

Well that’s done. Now for our nominees.


Doron Art

 Notes From a Therapist

Thank you for nominating me again. Even though I don’t exactly know what this is.



Giving Up Social Media


For Lent, I’m giving up Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. It’s going to be a rough 46 days for me (Or however long Lent is). I talk about it in my video, where I also talk about someone stealing my SIM card from my phone (jerk), and a new song called #Selfie that I heard on the radio that was so horrible my ear buds wanted to die. Some may say it was #horrible.
You know what. Just watch the dang vid.

Living a Double Life (A confession)


        We live in a wonderful world. A world where you do whatever you want to do, see whatever you want to see, and be whoever you want to be.

Which is exactly what I’m doing. Because I’m not who I say I am.

        My name is Thomas Kindmoore. At least that’s who you think I am. But not really. The only truthful thing about my name is my first name. My first name actually is Thomas. I didn’t want it to get confusing when I was making my alias, so I decided just to stick with God-given first name. But my last name isn’t Kindmoore. It’s a fake name I created one day when I was thinking about my teacher. Her name was Ms Moore. I have to thank her for helping me with my name. Because I combined Kind with Moore and got Kindmoore. I thought it was a nice little name. At first I was going to call myself Frogger Blogger, but then after a while I hated that name, so I decided I needed something better. When I thought of Thomas Kindmoore, that became my name on the Internets. But now you may be asking,


        Two reasons. One, my mother. She was concerned about my safety on the internet. She knows about all of the creepy weirdos on their that would love an innocent kid like to me. For a while she wouldn’t even let me use my first name, which I thought was kind of dumb because there are about a million Thomas’ out there. The second reason was I wanted to separate the actual Thomas from the Internet Thomas. Because if someone from my school saw that I had a blog and a YouTube and all of that… well that wouldn’t be good for Actual Thomas. Having a blog isn’t the biggest source of masculinity. And I’m not ashamed of my blog. I just want somewhere where I can be… real. It’s ironic. The fake version of myself is more real than my real myself. Because in real life I have to be careful what I say. I don’t want to make myself look like an idiot or a nerd. I don’t want people calling me gay. So usually I have to act a little bit… not me. I don’t act like I love Pokemon and poetry at school in front of my classmates. If I did that, then I would be called gay until after high school. So I carefully plan what I say so I’m not ridiculed. But here, I can say whatever I want. I can act as nerdy I want without people calling me nerd or gay. And it’s awesome. Sometimes I rather be Thomas Kindmoore than Actual Thomas. Because then I wouldn’t be socially awkward at my school and be able to say whatever I wanted. But unfortunately we still don’t live in a world where people can like video games and poetry and not football and rap and not be harassed about it.

So until then, I’m Thomas Kindmoore.