It’s Never Easy


     Death is never an easy thing to deal with it. It’s always hard, no matter what. Which is what I learned yesterday, when Jack, my clarinet teacher, died.

     I have gone through a lot of death in my life. Family, friends, teachers. My own dad died when I was twelve. And I know the whole deal. The sadness. The crying. The yelling at God. And I thought it wouldn’t be this hard. I thought I would be good at this right now. I mean, I didn’t know Jack that well. I knew he was great at what he did. He really could’ve been something. But I never had a real discussion with him. The closest thing to a conversation I ever had with him was if he asked me how my day was and I would say “okay.” But when I heard what had happened, it was like a bomb that just exploded.

    I think the saddest thing of all was how much he didn’t deserve to die. He was young, healthy, smart. Yet all it took was one car accident. His death was instantaneous. And the only thing I could really think of was how shocking it was. No one expected it. No one was prepared. But I guess you can’t really prepare for Death.

    The only thing you can do when someone dies is celebrate his/her life. Remember the good times. Remember the time when he had on this planet, and not the time when he wasn’t. 

     Death can easily destroy your outlook on life. Your beliefs, your mortality. And I think the most important thing is to not let Death itself get to you. Don’t let it kill your mind, your soul. Focus on the living, but pray for the family and friends that were close to the deceased.

     So Jack, I really hope you’re up in Heaven. And that you’re playing the clarinet.

     We miss you.


Here Lies My Hope For Humanity.



Here lies my hope for humanity. You died today. You got so tired. You were so done. With all the people. The people just brought you down to your knees. They kicked and hit you until you crumbled. They laughed at your misery. They didn’t care about you. And then you just gave up. You were done. They had broke you. You saw so much pain and sadness that they brought. And you couldn’t bear it. Couldn’t bear to see the pain these people caused, not to just you, but to others like you. The people who also hung on to their hope. But they were also bombarded of that pain brought on those scum and trash out there. And the worst of all of that was you realized that those scum happened to also be some of your friends. And they hit you the hardest. I’m so sorry that that happened to you. Rest in peace.

It was hard when I realized you were gone. But I have now accepted the fact and have moved on. Because I now know the world is full of horrible people. I tried thinking that people had some good inside of them. And I hung on to that has hard as I could. But I couldn’t hang on any longer. But you know what, that’s fine. I know the world is full of trash, and that’s okay. Why, you might ask. Well, it’s because of this quote from author A.S. King. And it says this.

The world is full of $&@#^*. What are you going to do to make sure you don’t turn into one of them.

And so far, it has helped.
So, what are you doing to make sure you are not one.

Something To Think About


Hey guys, this is just something to think about, but what if in some random moment…
Everyone in the world died.
Like the apocalypse happened and all your family and friends just ended up dying along with you. And it could be sudden, or you find out in a news broadcast. The anchorman would say that there is a week left until we all go BOOM! You’d be with your family, just together before the world would cease to exist.
I bring this topic up because when I was young I found this out. I was 8.
I didn’t really take it that good.
I don’t know when I was taught this or how. All I know is that my Nana and Dad thought it was a good idea to tell little Tommy that one day everyone he loved would all die! Including himself. So imagine, a 8 year old boy going trying to process what grown men feel uneasy thinking about. I have cried and spent the whole night thinking about that one day I would die. And it hasn’t helped with all the news about people trying to predict when Doomsday will happen. And why do they even want to find out when that will happen. I rather have the bliss of ignorance than the knowledge of the exact day that it would happen.
Since then I have thought about it. But I bring it up now because of a dream I had a few weeks ago about the apocalypse. I have seen a lot of movies and TV shows about “The End,” so I kind of had an idea what would happen. And I didn’t just dream just some random blurry stuff. This was a very vivid dream. I couldn’t even believe I had such a great imagination to dream this stuff up. So this is how the dream went.
It was basically how everyone found out that we were going to crash into the sun, and people were getting ready for the doom. Our neighborhood came to a park to “embrace” the apocalypse, like it was some sort of good thing. Well, I guess it is because I’m a Christian and the apocalypse means that there will be an even cooler heaven on Earth. So then my dream ends with us getting swallowed by the sun and a view in space of Earth being obliterated.
And all of it came out of a teenager that plays Call of Duty until midnight and watches 30 Rock. I guess finally all my fear of “The End” finally came into a dream.
So thank you Nana and Dad for teaching me such wonderful things.



This is a short story about a boy’s apartment catching flames. I liked the idea, so this might be a book. So, here it is.  

I woke up from my slumber to the smell of smoke. The smell was strong. Half asleep, I got up off my bed and went to check where the smoke was coming from. Maybe it’s just my mom enjoying a cigarette. I pushed open my door and found myself to a kitchen in flames. I shielded myself from the heat. I need to call 9-1-1. I thought. I saw a bottle of scotch on the coffee table in the living room. She must’ve passed out on the couch. That’s why she hasn’t noticed the fire…
     To get to my mother, I was going to have to get through the flames. I needed a fire extinguisher. I remembered that one was out in the hall. I raced out into the hallway, looking for a fire extinguisher to save my mom. I spotted one over to my left. People were starting to get out of their rooms to see what was going on. I flew over to the extinguisher and grabbed it. I raced back to my room, opened the door, and was shocked to what I saw. My apartment was covered in fire. The heat was intense, and I stumbled back.
“NO!” I shouted. I pulled the pin off the extinguisher and pressed the lever. I sprayed the foam on the fire, but saw it had little effect. The fire had gotten uncontrollable.
     “NOOOOO!” I started crying. A man grabbed me. “I’m sorry. There’s nothing you can do.” His voice sounded far away. “We need to go.”  I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to cry and lie down and stay there until the flames engulfed me. But the man picked me up and carried me. There was already a line forming around the stairs. The man swore. People started to shove and push. No one didn’t want to find out what happened when you’re in the back of the line. Ha. Last one out is a rotten egg. And burned alive. I smiled at my nasty joke. The man flung me on his soldiers and started shoving people. I looked back and saw the hallway. The fire had spread to it. In a few minutes, it would be on us. I closed my eyes, and pretended that this wasn’t happening. That I was back in my bed. That this was a dream. I slowly drifted into unconsciousness.

     I don’t remember much. All I remember is the man pushing his way through the crowed, people screaming, trampling over each other. Then I remember the man carrying me to a ambulance. For one brief moment, I could see my apartment. The fire was huge. Firemen were trying to put it out. All my possessions, gone. Everything was wiped out. My stuff, my home. Even the only family I had. Not wanting to see the catastrophe, I closed my eyes and fell back into unconsciousness.

The “Everything Is NOT going to be okay” Formula.

The Walking Dead by Telltale.

The Walking Dead

     As a kid, I watched a fair sum of movies. And as I look back on those movies, I realized there was always the same formula in those kid movies. And it was that everything worked out alright for the protagonist. Sure, the main character might hit a rough patch in the middle, but they always get it worked out. But when you grow older, that formula gets kind of boring. The ending gets predictable, and the drama doesn’t seem… well… dramatic.  

That’s why games and TV show like The Walking Dead thrive. Because, as you find out, everything isn’t going to be okay for the protagonist. People that you learn to care about die, and when they get in rough patches, people might/will die. It’s unpredictable, and that’s what people enjoy.


      Also, take 24. Probably the best action thriller TV series I’ve ever seen. Each new episode bases the “Everything is not going to be okay.” formula. People start dying, and some crazy stuff happens.

Like rape. 

So, after years of seeing Disney movies where everything works out in the end, I think it’s nice to see some actually @#$% happening. It feels more immersive and dramatic, getting you hooked and wanting more.


Why I’d Be Ticked Off If The World Ended


So yeah, the world might end in a few weeks. Not the most happiest thought, but it is one. Yep, the big KAPLOOEY!!! might happen in a few weeks. And I really hope it won’t. Because I’ll be really pissed when earthquakes start happening everywhere, volcanoes start sprouting, corpses rising from the dead like some The Walking Dead @#$% is going on. And of all the reasons that I’d be pissed about the apocalypse, here are my main reasons.

Right now, I’m not living the most perfect life. 6 months after my mom and dad had a divorce and they were both going through court orders and stuff like that, my dad dies. Yippee. Now my mom is going through court orders and trials because of him, so yeah, not so good. And as for me, I’m just a normal middle schooler that wants to make a mark on the world but can’t if there is no world. So I’ll be seriously pissed whe nmy mom screams at me saying, “OH MY GOD!!! COME QUICK! THERE IS A VOLCANO IN THE MYERSON’S BACKYARD, YOU’RE BROTHER JUST GOT SWALLOWED UP BY A SINK HOLE, AND DEAD GRANDPA IS COMING THROUGH THE WINDOW!” “But mom,” I’ll say. “Does the apocalypse have to happen while I’m doing my math homework?” “Honey, your dead dog is chasing the cat next door!” “Fine, I’ll come.”

So yeah, world, at lease wait until I have a fufilled life before you go all kabooey and ruin it