The People Who I Hate


     This post includes all the types of people who I hate, and why. Because who doesn’t like a little cynicism once in a while.

     1. Kids Who Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

     Now I know when you’re a teen, you start to get curious about things like sex, drugs, and alcohol. Everyone does. And maybe like one small glass of alcohol every year for a special occasions is okay. But when kids start drinking and abusing drugs constantly, then that’s not okay. One, you don’t know how to properly use those substances, so you’re more likely to get alcohol poisoning and other things. Two, you’re parents will probably find out. And when they do, you will be screwed. Because come on, you’re just a stupid kid. One slip up is all it takes for Pops to find out you’ve been drinking and you will be grounded forever. At least that’s what I would do to my kid if I found him drinking. And three, you might think that it won’t happen, but you might be flat out wasted, decide to drive, and then cause an accident or kill someone. Or you do something else stupid that you will probably regret. I mean, the possibilities are endless. They go from something humorous and embarrassing such as a video that goes up on the internet of you wasted (try getting a job then) or the possibility of people taking advantage of you in very… horrible ways.

     I’ve already encountered this in middle school. I hear some of my friends talking about how they’re already drinking and smoking, and they’e only in middle school. What the heck! 

     2. People who call themselves Christians, yet act like idiots.

     This kind of ties to number 1. They say they believe in God, they call themselves Christians. Yet most times they’re the ones drinking and smoking and doing idiotic things which I’m pretty sure God wouldn’t like. I’m not saying that Christians have to act like they’re better, but don’t you want to set an example to everyone. I mean, if you believe that Jesus died for your sins and you go to church every Sunday, don’t you want to act like you actually believe it. Apparently not. I call the kids at my school who believe in Christ yet are the ones partying and drinking spectators. They take part in Christianity every Sunday, yet don’t apply it. I find it maddening when I see kids every Sunday who are drinking and partying and acting like idiots come and sing the hymns and pray, and don’t actually apply what they learn in church. They just do it so they can get a free ride to the big house in the sky.

     3. People who constantly talk about suicide and depression on social media.

     Now I understand if someone is depressed, they might want to vocalize it on social media. Say “Hey, I’m having a tough time right now. Can someone help me out or pray for me? I’m just really struggling here.” That’s fine to do it once or twice. But when it’s constant, when the only thing they talk about is death and cutting and suicide, then it gets kind of stupid. After they do it constantly, you know they’re just doing it for attention. Here’s some good advice. How about instead of just posting to Instagram about your problems, find a therapist or teacher or someone to talk about it with instead of just unloading your baggage out to people who probably don’t even really care.

    4. People who judge you over the pettiest of things.

    This kid at school constantly gets on me for the littlest things. One time, I posted a picture of my new Vans on Instagram. Then, the dude commented saying “Why didn’t you get Nikes

    I replied saying “Because I already have a pair of Nikes, and I wanted a pair of Vans.

    His response: “LAME!”

    So apparently I’m lame for buying the wrong type of shoes. Then, when I actually did buy a pair of Nikes, I posted it on Instagram. And the same kid said this. 



    It seems to always happen with this specific person. I one time said I didn’t like rap music, and he got onto for an hour that I should like rap because that’s our generation of music, that I don’t listen to rap enough to know if I like it or not, and that I’ll be left in the dust when I’m still listening to Pink Floyd and Green Day. One, most of the music made today is &*%$. Two, I’ve listened to enough rap to know I don’t like it. And I never said anything like “RAP SUCKS!” I just said that I don’t like rap music and it’s just my opinion. But apparently saying you don’t like listening to rap music is the equivalent of saying that I’m a nazi or something. And Three, just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s not good. I love Green Day. I like Pink Floyd. Their music has still stood the test of time to me. And also, I do like some new music. I like the Killers, Mumford and Sons, Green Day who are still making new music, and a few other bands. 

    It’s stupid how some of the littlest things can tick people off. It’s just a different opinion than yours. You don’t have to stone me for it. Just get on with your life.

    5. People who brag about their score on an app.

    It’s an app. On you phone. No one cares if you got 55 on Flappy Bird. No one cares how good your base is on Clash of Games. It’s a stupid game on your phone. Stop acting like you just got an award for being fairly good at Angry Birds. NO ONE CARES!

    6. People who use incorrect grammar on purpose.

    You don’t look cool when you use incorrect grammar or say something wrong on purpose. It just makes you look like an idiot. 

    7. People who think the teacher is after them.


    No. You’re just an idiot. You failed that test because you were too stupid to study. The teacher doesn’t hate you. She’s not racist. You’re just dumb.