Aren’t Terrorist Threats Just Hilarious


Well apparently a 14 year old girl thought so. That’s why she said on Twitter to American Airlines that she was apart of Al Qaida and on June 1st she would do something really big. And American Airlines wasn’t really happy about that tweet. To find out more, watch this video about how this girl made me lose all hope in humanity.

Also I got this comment, and Melissa, thanks for calling me “smart and cute.” I’m not sure if you’re hitting on me or not, but whatever it is, you is cool.


(And also you forgot to put an apostrophe in you’re, but it’s okay. We won’t judge you)


Giving Up Social Media


For Lent, I’m giving up Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. It’s going to be a rough 46 days for me (Or however long Lent is). I talk about it in my video, where I also talk about someone stealing my SIM card from my phone (jerk), and a new song called #Selfie that I heard on the radio that was so horrible my ear buds wanted to die. Some may say it was #horrible.
You know what. Just watch the dang vid.

TED Spoof Script


Hey guys. For the TED spoof, I actually made a script for it. But sometimes what happens is I don’t follow the script and go my own way and improvise. If you haven’t already seen it, click HERE
Compare the script to the actual video and see how different it is. If it looks weird, that’s because I originally made this on an app called celtx script.

EXT. I meet Ted
I am strolling down the alley. I spot a teddy bear.
What’s this?
(Picks up doll)
Now who would leave a teddy bear in the street.
Get your dirty, poor hands off me.
I drop Ted and scream.
Jeez, you scream like the girl I-
What? I was going to say the girl I went with on a roller coaster.
Oh, ok then. What’s going on. Last time I checked, teddy bears don’t talk.
Last time I checked, boys don’t scream like girls.
Hey. I’m just now going through puberty.
Ted obnoxiously laughs. I tell him to shut up.
I pick him back up.
So wait, what are you.
I’m a demon from hell that has come to destroy your pure sole
Both stare at each other for long time. Cuts sharply to me on the ground. Shows me on the floor, than I abrubtly jerk my head up and look demonic.