That’s a lot of useless nonsense


I’ve finally hit the thousand tweet mark on my Twitter. I knew it would happen eventually. I just had so much useless nonsense that apparently had to go on Twitter. Sometimes I would make jokes:20140614-205454-75294476.jpg

Then there was just random stuff that apparently I thought you guys had to know about.



And apparently I also know what you need in life. A dog and a PS4. That’s it. Because who needs water, oxygen, food, and shelter when you have cuteness and video games.


So yeah. Can’t wait for the next 2,000.




Hey guys. I’m going to be doing some live streaming on Twitch TV late tonight.
It will be at 11PM CST. We will be playing some PS4 games. And it will be a party. Except it won’t.

The Console War


Ever since E3, (The biggest gaming expo ever if you’re not a nerd like me and didn’t know) there has been a big console war between the PS4 and XBOX One (Apparently Microsoft thought it would be a good idea to name their console like a movie prequel). Both are pretty cool. Of course, they both have their own advantages.
PS4 is significantly cheaper, being $100 less than the XBOX One (Wow, I just realized that I’m really going to hate calling the new XBOX that). You can also share gameplay using the share button on the controller and even get help from your friends if your in a pickle in a certain part of a video game.
The XBOX One has some cool features too. You can multitask similar like on Windows 8 by using the new Kinect. Speaking of Kinect, holy cow. That thing looks pretty cool. People have been hating on it, but to me, that thing looks beast. Though since I haven’t really tried it yet, I don’t know how well it works, or if I’ll actually use it after the first week. The XBOX One will also let you be able for you to record your gameplay, such as like the PS4 let you.
So, when it all comes down to it, here are my opinions on the big console war. Idk. Why I say that is it’s not really up to me to decide which console I get. It’s really up to which console my friends like more, because those are the people that will be playing it. I don’t want a console just to find out that my friends are playing another different console. I’ll be all alone. My friends will be playing Halo while I play [Insert PS4 title here] or visa versa. And maybe my friends will stick with their current consoles for now. I got my XBOX 360 only two years ago, and XBOX Live only for one year. Give me a while before I switch to multi-hundred dollar console.