It’s Never Easy


     Death is never an easy thing to deal with it. It’s always hard, no matter what. Which is what I learned yesterday, when Jack, my clarinet teacher, died.

     I have gone through a lot of death in my life. Family, friends, teachers. My own dad died when I was twelve. And I know the whole deal. The sadness. The crying. The yelling at God. And I thought it wouldn’t be this hard. I thought I would be good at this right now. I mean, I didn’t know Jack that well. I knew he was great at what he did. He really could’ve been something. But I never had a real discussion with him. The closest thing to a conversation I ever had with him was if he asked me how my day was and I would say “okay.” But when I heard what had happened, it was like a bomb that just exploded.

    I think the saddest thing of all was how much he didn’t deserve to die. He was young, healthy, smart. Yet all it took was one car accident. His death was instantaneous. And the only thing I could really think of was how shocking it was. No one expected it. No one was prepared. But I guess you can’t really prepare for Death.

    The only thing you can do when someone dies is celebrate his/her life. Remember the good times. Remember the time when he had on this planet, and not the time when he wasn’t. 

     Death can easily destroy your outlook on life. Your beliefs, your mortality. And I think the most important thing is to not let Death itself get to you. Don’t let it kill your mind, your soul. Focus on the living, but pray for the family and friends that were close to the deceased.

     So Jack, I really hope you’re up in Heaven. And that you’re playing the clarinet.

     We miss you.