Here Lies My Hope For Humanity.



Here lies my hope for humanity. You died today. You got so tired. You were so done. With all the people. The people just brought you down to your knees. They kicked and hit you until you crumbled. They laughed at your misery. They didn’t care about you. And then you just gave up. You were done. They had broke you. You saw so much pain and sadness that they brought. And you couldn’t bear it. Couldn’t bear to see the pain these people caused, not to just you, but to others like you. The people who also hung on to their hope. But they were also bombarded of that pain brought on those scum and trash out there. And the worst of all of that was you realized that those scum happened to also be some of your friends. And they hit you the hardest. I’m so sorry that that happened to you. Rest in peace.

It was hard when I realized you were gone. But I have now accepted the fact and have moved on. Because I now know the world is full of horrible people. I tried thinking that people had some good inside of them. And I hung on to that has hard as I could. But I couldn’t hang on any longer. But you know what, that’s fine. I know the world is full of trash, and that’s okay. Why, you might ask. Well, it’s because of this quote from author A.S. King. And it says this.

The world is full of $&@#^*. What are you going to do to make sure you don’t turn into one of them.

And so far, it has helped.
So, what are you doing to make sure you are not one.




I feel like crap. That’s basically how you feel when you’re sick. Don’t say “Oh, I feel.” or “I don’t feel so good.” Just say it. “I feel like crap.” Because you really feel like crap. You will see in the dictionary of my mind, that crap means You feel like trash. That your nose is running, you have a sore throat, and-
you have a bad cough.
And you hate the feeling because you know your a burden to your family, and you’re doing nothing except coughing like mad and throwing up in a trash can. And the worst thing is, you can’t get up from your bed. It’s like you’re magnetically tied to your bed, your body struggling to get up, but won’t.
The only real tasks you can do is do your homework, watch TV, read, and do what I’m doing. Blo-
Well, I best be going. Because right now, I feel like I’m going to-

Sleep Scares Me


Now when people think of someone scared of going to sleep, they think,

“Oh, their scared of nightmares.” and, “What a idiot.” But not in my case. It’s because of all the thoughts that seem to slip in my head. And usually, it’s just problems. Worries seem to rush into my head all at the time I just want to sleep. But I can’t fall asleep, because of my worries and problems and “life’s big questions.” And it really stinks, because I wanna go to bed, but NO! Next thing I know, I’m thinking about how going back to school will be like and if I remember to feed the dogs or if I have a “uni-brow.” Reader’s Note: IT’S NOT A UNI- BROW!!! I DON’T HAVE A UNI-BROW!!! And it really sucks, because it gets bad so much, I get insomnia. (And if you have ever had insomnia, you know it sucks) Please god, please help me in some way. I don’t want to worry anymore. I just want to sleep because I’m tired.